Problems with hardwaretest

SketchUp runs very slowly.
I have used the Checkup tool and get the message “Error: Your” GeForce GTX 965M "graphics card memory.

I have a GeForce GTX 965M with 4.169 MB of memory.

There is a known bug in the MS utility that Checkup runs to probe your graphics card. For some cards, this causes it to report the wrong amount of memory. Your graphics has ample memory, so you can ignore that part of Checkup’s report.

Something else is affecting performance of SU. How large/complex is the model you are working on? Does it contain objects imported from the EW (which sometimes contain absurd excess detail)? Does it contain large texture images? Have you tried purging via Model Info->Statistics?

I came up with the problem because SU makes such comic ruckaritige movements when turning or zooming.
It’s very slow.
Now I have searched and therefore came to the tool, which brought me the funny values to my graphics card.
With this speed you can not really work with SU. What is the possibility for me to solve the problem with the speed?
Thank you!

Does this happen with any SketchUp project or only with the model you are currently working on?

Can you provide more information pertaining to what “ruckaritige” looks like?
Also, as stated by slbaumgartner, information pertaining to model size, polygon count, etc helps us understand what you are dealing with. A screen capture of the Model Info > Statistics report would be helpful and if possible, providing the actual model will allow us to test on our end.


With any model

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