SketchUp Orbit Error - Need Solution



I’ve got a video here detailing the issue. I am using the free web version of SketchUp.

Basically whenever I use orbit (LMB) or orbit via holding down the scroll wheel, the view of my model goes away on certain angles - which I need to get pictures of the model at different points. When I release the LMB/Scroll wheel button it sets my view point to the axis, zoomed in far to close.

When I use the Perspective selections this also occurs, stopping me from viewing anything except top down.

For reference my model is approx 9m x 5m, this is zooming into a ridiculous scale, which takes ages to zoom back out of.


Home project or commercial?


Notice at 0:17 in the video, the camera is set in Perspective mode but the model appears distorted.
I.e., it appears wider at the end farthest from the camera.
That would indicate the Field of View is set very narrow.
A narrow FOV, like Parallel Projection, is prone to Camera Clipping.

Try Perspective mode and setting the FOV to 35.


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