Sketchup + Onedrive - file deleted locally and Sketchup won't open


I have a problem while working on files from Onedrive. When I free up space in Onedrive and delete those files locally then I cannot open Sketchup as probably it tries to download all of my “Recently opened files” to show them in “Welcome in Sketchup” window. It won’t start until files are downloaded. It is a bit problematic as files can weight quite a lot.

I could not find any simillar topic.

How to repeat the error:

  1. Save few big files on Onedrive and open them, save
  2. Free up space in Onedrive - delete those files locally (keep them in the cloud)
  3. Open Sketchup with Welcome window - it is blank for me there and Onedrive downloading starts
    Canceling download doesn’t help.


The general advice is that you should only work on locally saved files. There are numerous examples here in the forum where users wound up with corrupted files because they were working with the cloud-saved copies.

What happens if you follow the advice and download the file from One Drive to your local drive and then open that?

After you’ve worked on the file save it locally and then upload to One Drive to synch.

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