Critical issue. This does not appear to be a sketchup model

My OneDrive goofed and i had to copy a bunch of stuff from one place to another. Any idea why this won’t open? Edit, I can’t even upload it to my google drive… it’s all totally trash.

No idea. “This” is not very specific. Do you mean the folder, the drive, the file, what? Is it even a SKP file?

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The issue was resolved. It’s very complicated to explain what the problem and solution was. Onedrive messed up. Duplicated all my files. Had to erase duplicates and combine all the files from two separate one drive folders… The files were in a very strange state. They couldn’t be copied, uploaded, or of coarse, opened in SketchUp. As far as I could tell, they were totally untouched. But when I would do a File>Open, they would appear, but when selected, the open button would gray out. Then if I right clicked a file, and selected Open With>SketchUp it would tell me “this does not appear to be a SketchUp model”.

It all opens now. I don’t know how to onedrive, and I’m probably not going to lest I wreck my PC

Going forward make sure you are working on SketchUp files that are saved locally. Use One Drive to back up the files but don’t work on files saved in the cloud directly.

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There was an incompetency on my part, not knowing how to use OneDrive. I was never expecting from the start that it would move everything to a new OneDrive folder. I wish they would stay right where they are when they are copied to the cloud. That really messed with all my programs since all the files they look for on a regular basis were moved.

I don’t want anything on my PC to be online use only. But I’d still like it to be back up. Seems like OD won’t give me what I want.

I haven’t used One Drive although Windows keeps asking me to sign in to it.

As a SketchUp subscriber you have plenty of cloud storage available with your Trimble Connect account. You could use that for storing files. You can save locally and then “Publish” a copy to Trimble Connect. That would keep two separate copies. A handy option with Trimble Connect is access to your files in the web viewer which means you can show them on a computer that hasn’t got sketchUp installed or you could access them in SketchUp Shop or send a link to a client to let them see your file in the viewer without giving them the actual file or ability to make changes to it.

Good luck. Hopefully no more troubles.


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