Sketchup on A Linux OS


I need to know If I can still uae sketchup on a linux pc? I am thinking about downloading the Q4OS



This is probably not the best answer, but I have used Sketchup over VNC as a remote desktop solution (Debian client to OSX host). This could probably work with AWS workspaces or other cloud-desktop computing station setup with linux clients too.

I don’t know about native operation… :frowning:


Trimble does not distribute a native Linux edition of SketchUp.

Q4OS merely has a KDE-forked desktop made to resemble MS Windows XP. But it is still Linux underneath.

You can run any of the SketchUp for Web editions in a browser that has Linux builds (ie, Chrome, Firefox etc.)


You should not start using a different operating system (like Linux) with the expectation to continue using the same software and in the same manner. (For example if someone’s intention is only to replace Windows by something that doesn’t cost, that person will be disappointed. To take advantage of all the different and new features and workflows, one needs to be open to change habits.)
Also consider that by choosing a non-common distribution, you are likely to find only guides and support information that does not 100% match to the specifics that Q4OS may have.

If you use software like SketchUp for your main work, it is better to choose the operating system by the software’s requirements.
If you only sometimes use SketchUp (secondary tool, hobby etc.), the change will be not have a big impact.

  • The easiest option is to use the cross-platform app, as Dan says, which works in Opera, Chromium, Firefox, etc. The web-app does not support extensions and has a slightly reduced feature set of SketchUp Make, with the full feature set probably becoming part of the commercial but affordable SketchUp Shop.

  • If you do not fear getting your hands dirty with some setup and have some basic understanding of Wine (Windows compatibility layer for Unix), SketchUp 6-2018 Make/Pro can run very well and in Wine, after installing SketchUp’s requirements (vcrun2015, corefonts, .NET Framework 4.5.2).
    If you are a beginner, do not take this as a reason to move to Linux!

  • A reliable solution is always remote desktop (VNC etc.) or a virtual machine (like VirtualBox) with a full Windows installation inside. Remote desktop may have the network connection as bottleneck and virtualization has CPU overhead (and usually unstable/disabled graphics hardware acceleration).