How to use Sketchup on Linux?

Here we have only Linux machines (and a couple of Chromebooks). We often use Blender without any issue, but how can we buy Sketchup?
I tested the web version but so many functions are missing, e.g. 3D text, etc.
When I want to buy it I can only select Windows or Mac, is it all you provide as OS?

Unfortunately, if the web version doesn’t satisfy your needs you will have to go an unsupported route because indeed Windows and macOS are the only supported OS. If you search the forum you may find posts by some people who have had success either using a VM or Wine.

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Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
That seems too complicated unfortunately. We wanted our less advanced staff use Sketchup rather than Blender but I guess we’ll just have to teach them Blender.
It’s very unfortunate, such a decent size company founded by Google, and no Linux or ChromeOS option?
You guys need to put 2 large icons at the home page “Win” “MacOS” only and “+ limited web version” because so many people in the 3D printing industry use Linux (the majority I know at least) and they investigate your solution like I did, only to realize later they cannot use it.

When did you test the web version? 3D Text is not missing.

Ah! Love that, thank you. I missed it, I expected a “T” icon for some reasons.
Ok, then we might be able to use for the most basic projects.
Great, thanks!

Two points of clarification:

  • Google did not found SketchUp, it was developed by @Last. Google purchased it from @Last hoping to use it to add 3D buildings to Google Earth. About 8 years ago they chose other means and sold SketchUp to Trimble, who continue to own it.
  • I do not work for Trimble or SketchUp, just an unpaid volunteer on this forum. So “you guys” should be directed to Trimble.
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Yes. You should try SketchUp Shop. Of course SketchUp Free will not be suitable for you.

FWIW, of the professionals who would use SketchUp very very few use Linux. And in surveys that have been conducted over the years, the vast majority of Linux users who responded indicated that they would not be willing to pay for the software.