Do you have to use SU free on the web only

Hi, I have been trying out Sketchup free, but I can only use the chrome interface, which means there is a very restricted number of tools and options etc.

When I loook on the trimble website I see that I can download version 6 but yet whenever I try I get taken to a page with the options of purchasing Pro, or “start modeling” which takes me to the web version.

I am using Linux Mint as my OS which is supposed to be compatible

Is this now the only option?

Version 6 was way back, which website are you referring exactly?
If you go to the Model Preferences in the top left corner of SketchUp Free (Webversion),
you have a download-option of apps at the bottom:

Didn’t see that thanks. However still no use to me as I discovered because Google is still not supporting a Linux version.

Stupid really as latest figures show there are approximately 93,975,290 dedicated linux users, and that a fair slice of the computing pie.

One day they will wake up.

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What does Google have to do with anything?

When surveys of Linux users were done, the majority reported they wouldn’t be willing to pay anything for SketchUp. Based on that, it doesn’t take much waking up to realize it’s not worthwhile to port a Linux version of SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Free is the best option you’ve got.

Blender should still be stable on Linux Mint I believe, and it’s a lot easier than it used to be!!

Sorry, forgot Sketch up was not goolge, its Trimble, so my point is Trimble
are not supporting Linux.

No. They aren’t and never have for SketchUp Pro.

and yet sketchup make is available free to windows and mac users, you can’t
tell me that these users are any different in their monetary policies to
Linux users. Thanks for the help though, its apreciated.

No. They aren’t but since the pro version was already available for both Mac and Windows, it didn’t require that much to limit some features and make a free version. Without enough Linux users willing to pony up and subsidize the free users, it certainly doesn’t make any sense to develop a Linux version. These things don’t happen for free.

It sounds to me as if your best option is to use the free version online or install an older version of Make for Windows and use something on your computer to let you use Windows based programs. Keep in mind that graphics support is a critical thing and older versions of Make are more likely to run than Make 2017. You can search the forum and find plenty on that topic, though.

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