SketchUp for Ubuntu Linux 16

I’m interested in SketchUp Pro but my primary OS is Ubuntu Linux 16. Are there plans to support this in the future?

I’ve started taking a series of construction courses at the local community college and a lot of the plans that the teachers share were created in SketchUp. I am also interested in enough of the Pro features to want the Pro version.

I’m concerned you won’t be able to accurately gauge interest from the Linux community since users must create an account in order to make a feature request in this forum. I see some spotty posts about Linux in this forum but nothing telling me whether there is a path to SketchUp Pro on Linux.

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There has been the odd request for Linux support here and there over the years but never enough request from people willing to pay for for the pro version for it to get any traction. Adding support for another operating system would require additional staff and development resources but unfortunately very few Linux users, when asked, were willing to pony up.

As for whether or not there is a plan, no one from Trimble could or will say. They are a publicly traded company so they can’t and won’t talk about plans for the future.If the past is any indication, I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

Thanks. This was the answer I was afraid of but anticipated as likely.

never understood this, is there a law not allowing this?

Alternatively the browser-based version might be a currently functional limited entry in modeling w/ SU.

Or evaluate a Windows virtualization with the latest VMware Workstation Player in connection with Win 7 (= less OGL problems).

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