Sketchup 2017 and above on Linux

Hi !

I guess this was previously asked but my son had to design a house with Sketchup 2017 as a homework.
I did not find any Linux Client so I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017 and installed it through Wine (on OpenSUSE 15.1).

The installation had several glitches but at the end I managed to get it working. The application is somewhat stable (only 1 crash in 8 hours of usage). There are minor glitches (for instance, when deleting an objet, we have to click around to execute the action). I was not able to download additional components.

The contextual help does not work either but at the end we were able to complete the task.

Any roadmap for a possible support on Linux ?


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At this point it seems clear that the “support on Linux” will be via the web versions of SketchUp. Trimble doesn’t talk about their future plans but they’ve said in the past there’s not enough support from Linux users to pay for the development and ongoing maintenance of another version.