Sketchup Pro Linux Support


I would like to request better Linux support for Sketchup.

I’m a paying user of Sketchup pro and at the moment I’m using it in a Virtual Machine (with Windows), which works but is not ideal, and hell to get and keep working. In the long term I fear using a VM is not feasible and I hope you can improve Sketchup to work on Linux.

Needing to run wine (or proton with Steam) emulation is acceptable for me, so supporting that instead of making a native version would also work. If modern games can run like this, it should also be possible with Sketchup.
(At my latest try this doesn’t work properly at the moment, and especially when you also use Layout, which I need)

I hope you can work on this in the future, because I enjoy using Sketchup a lot.

This is a feature request that comes up from time to time. Unfortunately from surveys that have been done over the years, there don’t seem to be enough Linux users like yourself who are willing to pay for a Pro subscription license to support the additional development and maintenance overhead that would require. The vast majority of respondents to those surveys expected the should get a Linux version for free. That dog just won’t hunt.

Who knows what might happen in the future but based on the past, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

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Most Linux users aren’t fans of paying for software, that’s one of the reasons why they use Linux. There are other softwares that are free like blender or freecad that can run natively on Linux. Most professional that use sketchup are using windows or MacOS, there might be a few people like you willing to pay for the software to run natively on Linux but I don’t think they’ll cover the cost of developing the software for a new OS. Linux isn’t a good alternative for architects, most of the programs we use are only on windows or MacOS, and it’s hard to change to a new software like freecad after using Revit or Archicad for years, unfortunately in the university we are taught to use paid software, Autocad is still the industry standard and even if we don’t use autocad to design or make the construction documentation we must export it to autocad cause it’s the only software used by the entity that approves the construction in almost all the countries.