Sketchup Pro Linux Support

never heard this… ‘Infinity Ward’?

Vicarious Visions’, intrinsic Alchemy - I’m not sure what time period SketchUp had that renderer for or how much of it is left to this day.

Used by a bunch of games on the PS2 and Nintendo DS . Also Google Earth

Ready to buy, but looks like I will work in web version. My religion does not permit running software in emulation on Linux.
No same alternative in Linux ecosystem. Freecad and etc are not the same.

Trimble converted Windows SketchUp Pro 2023 to use the Qt library instead of the Windows native UI (with many subsequent issues that are being shaken out). Word is that they are working on a similar port for Mac (why else bother to port from Windows?). Since macOS and Linux are both UNIX derivatives, that seems to increase the likelihood that someday there will be a native Linux version. Just don’t expect it to be free.

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No its not. We use linux looking for a secure, fast, stable and customizable OS, no matter the price tag.

Did you read the beginning of the comment? The word “Most” doesn’t mean “All”.
If you are a Linux user who pays for software, that’s awesome, you’re a minority.

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People use Linux because its secure. Being free is just a happy coincidence. Considering Microsoft’s anti-privacy practices as of late, you’re likely to see a lot more users switching to Linux, myself included. SketchUp is probably the biggest reason I’m dragging it out as long as I can. I would actually pay for a native Linux version, on Windows I’d rather just use the legacy free version.

More likely you’ll see a number so incredibly small make the move that it would not even register in any meaningful way. At all.