How to Install SketchUp 8 on Linux



i made this video to describe how we can install sketchup on linux, as it is is not available on the official website,

even though this is the linux mint distro it should work fine for others as well

i have planned on uploading a full sketchup tutorial series

subscribe to the channel for more such videos :slight_smile:

if you have any questions you can ask me here or in the comments section.


Great job with the video!
Just an addition: This is for SketchUp 8 (not the current version)
SketchUp 2017 is a bit trickier and currently needs the lastest/unstable Wine staging.


Yup Sketchup 8, i mentioned in the description, its completely stable, belongs to those days when sketchup belonged to google, My first sketchup version also fully compatible,

its even more easier to export sketchup 8 models to game engines…
still it would be good if we could get the latest version to be more stable and less resource taking :smiley:

and thank you for taking your time to watch the video, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:


by stopping every further development of advanced graphics capabilities provided by recent OpenGL versions at the stage of 2010 for typically running the unproductive SU Make version under an unsupported operating system by using a shaky emulator?

SketchUp 2017 Installation on Ubuntu Linux

well, i have to say that i never really noticed much differences in the recent sketchup versions, cant really call it unproductive, atleast i don’t have to face the random crashing issue and weird selections issues i have found in the latest versions,
and i have to say sketchup 8 using this ‘shaky’ emulator runs far better than using the 8 version on windows 10.
also, linux is rather under rated as an operating system, its capabilities are huge and the open nature makes it worth its free price, i dual boot into windows 10 and linux mint, i still model in linux mint, but i have to use windows 10 to use unity 5
as it is not really supported by linux


Release Notes

… running via a shaky emulator sigh

… not very surprising running under an unsupported operating system.


no the crash and selection issues were on the 2016 version of sketchup and running on windows 10 not via an emulator,
also all i see is differences made in the pro version, not in the make version,

dont you think its a bit unfair to compare a free version with a paid one?


also i don’t see a reason, why sketchup 8 is not ‘so supported’ on windows 10, to be true, i would prefer sketchup 8 running instead of any other on any operating system,

THE Real improvement trimble made was to edit the licenses of sketchup 8 and remove free commercial use all togather.

like what the hell?


then the OpenGL support of the used video driver is faulty or at least not fully compliant to OGL v2.0 required by SU v2016, use a recent diver version for addressing this issue… and don’t copy incompatible Ruby scripts form you ol’ version 8 to recent versions.

More or less all new features as well as all bug fixes are incorporated in the Make version too, besides the functionality never available for the free Make version of course.


System requirements of SU v8 do obviously not comply with an operating system available in the future… what you would prefer is irrelevant for this.

[quote=“gamedeveloper0, post:8, topic:43233, full:true”]THE Real improvement trimble made was to edit the licenses of sketchup 8 and remove free commercial use all togather.

like what the hell?

demanding the right to use a free software for commercial purposes is pretty blunt… do you work for free too?


if you ask me i don’t think the OpenGL support of my video driver has any faults, it is updated regularly…
and no i don’t copy anything from my 8 version, no plugins, nothing.

what about games and softwares which run perfectly on windows 10 but were never made for windows 10,
to say sketchup’s compatibility has not much to do with it, its because of how much resources windows 10 takes…

also i really disagree with your last statement, demanding the right to use a free software for commercial purposes is NOT blunt at all, softwares like blender, gimp, krita, 3d rad, unity, kden and hundreds more are free softwares which are totally free to use and are allowed for commercial use,

and yes i have no problems in working for free, community modders, modelers and programmers do a lot of work for free, i have worked in the past with other people for free, and it feels pretty good

sketchup is a good software for architecture, it’s profit model is the thing keeping it from reaching it’s full potential

if we will keep overlooking the cons they will never be removed…


every nVidia GeForce driver version below the recent version 381.65 from 06.04.2017 is not supported by nVidia for running with the latest Windows 10 ‘Creators Update’ version 1703.

there’s nothing about this because this has obviuosly no validity for other applications.

W10 actually does not need more resources than W7, in fact it needs less resources and runs faster than e.g. ol’ Vista.

we are talking here of a commercial software developed by a commercial company for the mainstream platforms and not of open source stuff coming from the Linux platform and with no serious/reliable company behind.

doing some hobby stuff done by volunteers during their spare time is great, in fact im involved in an OS project too. But has nothing to do with the real work for making a living typically paied by an employer… besides being a hobbyist or student.

[quote=“gamedeveloper0, post:11, topic:43233, full:true”]sketchup is a good software for architecture, it’s profit model is the thing keeping it from reaching it’s full potential

SU is used in much more areas of course and not limited to architecture… but claiming that commercial software generally won’t reach it’s full potential is pretty nonsense.

btw, your GF GT 630 is old/lame, get you something capable for levering the full display output speed of SU, at least for big models or commercial purposes (time = money).


firstly, no i had not updated to the windows 10 creator update, because it didnt even existed back then, no idea why you make a statement like that, which doesnt even matter to this case

secondly, of course there is no validity for other softwares you can always point that out, even when windows 10 has a compatibility mode for some reason, still i have use sketchup 8 on windows 7, xp, windows 10 and linux of course, not windows vista though, not a preferred os,

still i stand to my words, it still runs better on linux, you NEED to use linux version to know that, which i doubt you have, i have used it and the windows version and i can tell the difference, better.

moving on, i never once compared the resource management of windows 10 and w7 and never once i said windows 10 uses more resources than windows 7, i compared it with linux, why are you picking things which i never even said

Blender is more reliable than sketchup any day if you talk about the reliability of open source softwares, thinking open source is bad is really a petty thought…

also hope you read the names i gave, 3d rad and unity are not even open source, they also made by serious companies,
commercial software by a commercial company,

google owned sketchup once, they made a free version commercial use ready, or are you implying trimble somehow is a more serious and commercial company than google…

and yes hobby stuff is great, all artists do hobby “stuff” its helps you train, all these game designers make free games for mobile platforms, the question is will you work for free? if no Employer pays you,
why not, all independent artists do that, coming back to open source thats how open source works too they work for free and they still have a living

its not nonsense, sketchup being a ‘commercial’ software gets a hard time by so called free “open source softwares”,
and yes i know it is used for other fields as well, but by architecture i didnt meant, the architecture ‘field’, i meant it being non sculpting software, no need to explain on that…

A Dam* 695 usd price tag for commercial use, makes the no commercial one worthless,

i dont think you will understand what i am even trying to imply here, because you are need to be more ready to understands someone else’s point of view

also about my graphics card does just fine i know its capabilities, even the output speed is just fine, never once mentioned sketchup runs slow…


because I don’t own a crystal globe and therefore don’t know what W10 version you are running, regardless of this did you have claimed that “you don’t think the OGL support of your video driver has any faults” which is currently valid for the latest GF driver only.

the Windows compatibility setting is for faking the Windows version number only to e.g. installers requesting a Windows version number before launching and cease to work with being a pretended unsupported Windows version reported. The Windows compatibility setting did not change anything concerning the compatibility of applications with the Windows API.

with users claiming faults in connection with Wine… which is not very surprising because an emulator obviuosly never runs better than the original operating system:

Additionally with lots of fixes concerning issues in connection with recent operating systems and their updated APIs (especially macOS) for every new SketchUp release your statement seems to be utterly wrong.

then you probably should write this… regardless of this, resources used by the operating system are totally irrelevant for the stability of SketchUp.

if running SketchUp under an unsupported operating system or an emulator in ßeta stage this seems to be expectable…

a pretty thought, sure!

I have mentioned the “serious/reliable company behind” and not referenced software, why are you picking things which I never said?

in this context surely yes because Google bought SketchUp for having volunteers creating 3D models for Google Earth 3D layer and therefore released the free version but never put many development resources in SketchUp whereas Trimble has experience and sub-divisions in the AEC/BIM area and is actively developing SketchUp further.

there is near to no CAD software fore 2D CAD drafting or 3D CAD modeling (no, Blender isn’t) available as open source simply because developing a CAD system, especially in the 3D area, is real complex stuff… what is available is functional limited and has a clumsy user interface.

what are you smokin’?

same for you.

thus the “btw”

anyhow, every common software does have system requirements, you can decided not to adhere to them but obviously not claiming faults in doing this.


we seem to deviating from the original topic here, its about how to run sketchup on linux.
well no one is forcing to do it,

if you rather prefer different, it should be none of my concern.

but sketchup runs well for me and will run well for those who will follow the tutorial.
we can spend days arguing about which operating system does it better.


Interesting there will try it next time Linux crashes or I get tired of windows ( already am )


CRASHED big time ! ! will stick to Virtual Box version


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