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I work in a school that has decided to operate all computers on a linux based operating system called edubuntu. All desktops and laptops are thin clients served by one server. We have tried using Sketchup for schools and found it disappointing when compared to Sketchup Make/Pro. Previously we operated on a windows system.
One feature we really miss is Layout. The students were able to design in Sketchup then develop working drawings (orthographic) in Layout which were then used in the workshop to produce their design. We are wondering if there is any chance a Sketchup version is being developed for linux operating systems?

SketchUp for Schools (web-based) is derived from SketchUp Make (≤ 2017 non-Pro desktop version) which is now and in future superseded by SketchUp Free (web-based, and runs very well on Linux as well).

LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro and although it is available under education licenses, it seems the focus for education is on a more simplistic toolset in SketchUp for Schools.

To be honest I think it is more likely SketchUp will integrate parts of your workflow (2D printing layout features) into SketchUp for Schools rather than port LayOut to the web or port the old SketchUp Pro to another platform. Consider by how much SketchUp already differs on Windows and macOS, this suggests a rather huge endeavor (also financial) for adding another platform, since the application has not initially been designed for this cross-platform world.

Another option is to move on from SketchUp. If SketchUp cannot (due to the before mentioned reasons) embrace some user/customer groups, then these users cannot find a home at SketchUp. If we cannot control the path SketchUp is following forward, our strength is in flexibility in our workflows and less dependency on specific applications. Maybe you can integrate an application like LibreCAD into the workflow to replace LayOut? (export STL from SketchUp for Schools, unfortunately no DXF)

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