Hello... I am just beginning this journey into the SketchUp Dimension

I have an assignment due in 24 hours… I may need some help dropping in reference files and landing this big set of warehouse docs… Stay Tuned!!!

Explaining all the details later… wish me luck

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? SketchUp for Schools is web based and aimed at primary school students. SketchUp Pro is desktop based. Please correct your forum profile so we can give you suitable assistance when you ask for help.

Okie dokie

Did I change the heading correctly?

Fill out your forum profile correctly.

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No. I didn’t ask you to change the heading. I asked you to fix your forum profile.

An educational license doesn’t make sketchup pro sketchup for schools, sketchup for schools is a web based version and a single person isn’t able to get that license.
On license type you must put sketchup pro if you’re using the desktop version, on sketchup version check which one are you using, since Trimble acquired sketchup the versions are named after the year they were released 2013 was the first one and 2023 the current one, if you’re using a pre Trimble version the last one released by google was sketchup 8, and the first one sketchup 6, but I doubt you are using a 2006-2012 version.
On graphics you put i3 3120 it’s the cpu of your PC, it’s a third gen i3 laptop chip, usually machines with this CPUs are cheap so they don’t have dedicated gpu and it would be silly to put one cause the cpu would create a very bad bottleneck. So just put intel igpu.

By the way the machine you’re using will struggle even with small-mid size files, you better optimize well your model.