Comparison between Sketchup Pro vs Sketchup for Schools



Would like to know what the difference is between Sketchup Pro(Mac) and Sketchup For Schools(Web), is there a compared feature set listing anywhere?


You might start here:


Good list. One thing it doesn’t mention is 2D printing (3D printing seems to have taken over everyone’s interest). The web versions don’t have any way to print to a given scale. You can get 2D output, and monkey with it scale it by eye in a graphic application, but the desktop version can print to a specified scale.


choose the desktop version if you can.


The desktop version is the full SketchUp version simply put. It has extensions, which is an absolutely fundamental part of SketchUp. It also has a much better UI in my view, that more honestly reflects how the program works, and with a more clear visual hierarchy, so you understand how things relate to each other.