Has SketchUp for Schools been given the enhanced capabilities of SketchUp Shop?


It just occurred to me to ask this. SketchUp for Schools started as an environment (Google educational domains) specific version of first my.sketchup.com, then of SketchUp Free. As such, even though I didn’t (and still don’t) have access, I felt safe in assuming the modeling capabilities of Schools matched those of Free when discussing options for people starting in the SketchUp ecosystem.

Now that Shop has added features like many import file formats and solid tools to Free, have those additions (and any others) appeared in Schools?


Our entire school has the pro version. We need it because we import autoCAD drawings.

I’m not even sure if I am answering in the right direction.


The “pro” web version isn’t the same as SketchUp Pro.

Do you run SketchUp from an application on a computer at school, or within a browser?

Must you be logged in to your schools Google Domain in order to use SketchUp?

Do you have Dynamic Components available to use?

This last question is probably the best one to determine if you’re running SketchUp for Schools in a browser or SketchUp Pro on a local computer. And if it’s the latter, it’s not related to my original question.


Ohh sorry then. We don’t use the browserversion.


Hello @sjdorst, as of today, SketchUp for Schools has the same feature set as SketchUp Free. In the coming months (i.e. before the next academic year) we will be adding many of the Shop features to Schools. Once we do, we’ll create a feature differentiation chart to make it clear which features are in what products.


Although you couldn’t answer my question, I thank you for taking the time to try!


@joy Exactly the answer I was seeking - and more! Might help me (and others) when we’re helping a newbie figure out either what SketchUp they have, or what SketchUp versions are available to them.


The next academic year is in two weeks.
I want to know if the solid tools and the 2D dxf export (for my cnc machine) will be unblock for the school version.
A teacher from france.


@sjdorst Update here! We’ve released some additional modeling features in SketchUp for Schools. A full list of product comparisons between SketchUp Free, SketchUp for Schools, and SketchUp Pro can be found here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup-schools/getting-started-sketchup-schools#different-versions


Hi @mouronval,

As of yesterday, we’ve added Solid tools and export to .dxf, among many other features, in SketchUp for Schools. Check out the SketchUp Blog to read all about what’s new in SketchUp for Schools this year.



Nice to see more features. I got solid tools to work and stl out and in to work, but every time I try dwg or dxf out 2d or 3D I just get a vague error dialog.



Hi @RTCool

I just tested on my end and dwg/dxf export is working as expected. What are your “Export as DWG” or “Export as DXF” settings? If you are still having issues, could you share the model?



All I drew was a 4’x4’x4’ cube. File is saved to a folder on Google drive.

4 ft test cube v2-20180907.skp (129.2 KB)



Unfortunately I cannot recreate your error with the exact same settings. We are not able to access anyone’s models on Google Drive, but I mimicked your 4’ cube set to front orthographic front view.

Are you using one of our recommended browsers (Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+)? If you already are, it may be a one-off issue with your file so I’d suggest re-testing with a new file.



Firefox 61.0.2, but trying a different one is a good idea.

I just recreated this file today from a new file.

If it does work, where does it send the file? To Google Drive, or download to the local computer?


Further testing:
Updated Firefox - no good
Used updated Chrome - no good

All export services under “Cloud Based Processes” produce the same error box
All export services under “Direct Download” work as expected

Also, I’m logged into my school Google account from my home computer. I’m not on the school’s LAN at this time, if for some odd reason that would matter.


Ok, we will look into it further, but it’s tough to assess since we can’t reproduce the error on our end.

When you’ve completed a successful export, it will appear in the imports/exports tab.


Ah, got it. Thanks. Yes, there’s nothing there for me.


Hi @joy
I want to know how to force the update. I haven’t the export and the solid tools option activate.
My last update is on 4 september.


@mouronval the last update we released was on September 4th. When we release an update, the new features will automatically surface – there is no need (and it’s not even possible) to force the update.

Solid Tools will be visible in your drawing tool bar, and exporters will be under the file operations folder (at the top left of your model window)–> Export.