Desktop Version?

Can someone advise how to obtain Desktop version of Sketchup for my students especially my Tech Draft II students who want more capability to work on their project than what the web version provides? a desktop version would free my up from moving over to Autodesk Inventor.

Can’t they download SU Make 17? Also SketchUp and Inventor is not an apple to apple comparison. Night and day difference. I’d download both :wink:

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Is Sketchup Make 17 free?

Yes, as long as you have hardware/OS versions that still run it ok. I had to move my students to Make 17 to do Match Photo because SU for Schools doesn’t do that.


If you are a school, and your state director applied for a grant, you can run SketchUp Pro for school, although Make will probably do and get around licensing technicalities. As a teacher, you can also get an annual license for Pro for free. More here…

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Thanks for the tips! We have Make 2017 installed…

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