How do I get Sketchup Desktop version from the grant Sketchup gave to my state (California)?

I keep seeing info that California (and all the other states) got statewide grants that all schools that want the desktop version can have it, free. But I can’t seem to find anyone who actually has the software info to install. Furthermore, the link is dead - anyone know what’s going on?

State grants are deprecated, SketchUp for Schools (web based) is the alternative, now.

deprecated? You mean discontinued?


They still have it listed right on this page

So frustrating - I told my students I would get it.

Maybe @Steve_Ketchup knows…

I hope he can see you mentioned him - can’t see how to ask him directly

@TeacherOfDragons, use @name in your reply and it will find its way.
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@Steve_Ketchup - is it just a mistake that they left the grant info on the site after they cancelled the grant?

There are multiple pages:

We’re currently in the process of ending the SketchUp Statewide License Grant program. I apologize for the confusion caused by our website, the page you’re referring to will be updated soon to remove mention of the grant program.

The Grant program will be officially discontinued July 1st, 2022. The existing state grant licenses will remain active until that time, however we recommend that schools begin to explore SketchUp for Schools as an alternative.

With the launch of SketchUp for Schools we now have a K-12 specific product that is available for free to schools around the world through the Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) and Microsoft education platforms. As a web app, SketchUp for Schools is compatible with Chromebooks and features training tutorials and curriculum built specifically for classroom use.

Has there been an internal discussion about complying with student data privacy laws being enacted in various states in the U.S? SketchUp for Schools is technically not allowed to be used in states such as Illinois because Trimble won’t sign Data Privacy Agreements with individual districts.

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@Steve_Ketchup I’m not sure if you saw this message, but I was wondering if there was any positive progress on this matter. We are located in Illinois and the SOPPA law that went into effect on 7/1/21 technically prevents schools in Illinois from using the online SketchUp for Schools unless Trimble is willing to sign data sharing agreements.

@CaseyG Are you able to provide any insight? I believe I saw that Steve is no longer involved with SketchUp.