Sketchup & Oculus Rift S

Hi, I want to use the vr/ar extension with my oculus rift S. The extension prompts me for an ip adress, I guess of the rift s…
How do I obtain the ip adress of the rift or has anybody a good tutorial on how to bring my content from sketchup to my oculus?

Best, Oli

First, be sure to have the Rift installed on your PC

Then, install the SketchUp Viewer extension, which can be downloaded through your AMP (you have a subscription, right?)
Your AMP is your Account Management Portal, accessible through the ‘Manage License’ button in the Welcom Screen.

Once the Rift is properly installed, the Viewer Extension (which is a different app with its own shortcut) should recognise it…

Might also want to try the VR Sketch extension, which allows editing directly in VR

well, I have the sketchup AR/VR viewer app and extension installed, the extension is recognized iin the sketchup main programm.
The oculus rift S is connected and visible in the oculus maintenance app, but is not recognized by sketchup. The AR/VR viewer wants me to either connect a device or to enter an IP adress.
Device is connected, I do not have the IP adress of the rift S.
How to proceed? funny - enscape recognizes the rift S :slight_smile:

Best, Oli

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