Oculus 3 vr help

Hi all

I’m quite new to the whole SketchUp thing, I want to try and see my drawings in vr.

Just to try it out I’ve drew a wall attached to a lifting arrangement held up by props on a 200mm thick slab.

I’ve downloaded the ar/vr viewer extension and opened it on the drawing I want to view in vr but it’s saying there isn’t any devices to view it on. The window won’t let me manually input the IP address in.

Any ideas please

I’m running windows 10
SketchUp pro 2023
Pc is Ethernet
3090 gpu
64gb ram

Setting up real time VR is slightly tricky. Do you have the Oculus software installed, and are able to view other applications on the headset? Is the USB cable you’re using a high speed USB-C cable?

There is a different way you could work, that might be easier, and would let you use the Quest 3 without having to connect it to your PC. Save your model to Trimble Connect, then with the free SketchUp Viewer app that you can get from the Meta store, you can open your saved models on the headset. No need to even have your computer turned on.

That approach wouldn’t let you do instant changes to the model, and see the results right away. It still would be a good way to view already saved models.