Can't connect to Quest 3

I’m currently using Sketchup Desktop Version 24 using the free version to see if I want to buy it. One key feature I am interested in using is the ability to allow students to explore their creations using Quest 3 headsets. I’ve installed the AR/VR viewer on the desktop application (in Windows 11) and on my Meta Quest 3. I’ve logged in to my account on both my Meta quest 3 and my computer. The desktop extension doesn’t find my headset. I half expected this since my desktop is on ethernet and not wifi. Fine, I’ll just enter the IP address manually; however, when I click “Enter IP address” at the bottom of the AR/VR Viewer window on my computer, nothing happens. I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve tried closing sketchup and resetting my computer and that doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated.

To use a headset in the old way requires running the Oculus software, and having the headset be recognized there. Last time I tried it you had to put the Oculus app into a special beta mode, for it to then be able to use Quest headsets.

These days you can save your model to Trimble Connect, and use the Quest SketchUp Viewer app, and if you’re using the labs version you can even do passthrough. Could you see if that works, and if it would be an easier solution to the problem?

Here’s a post about the Quest app, with a link to the labs version:

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Hi @bw57570,

Everything that @colin mentioned is accurate (as always). If you have a Quest 3 the best way to see your SketchUp models in VR is to use the SketchUp Viewer app on Meta’s Quest Store which is completely free to download and use. The new Quest app allows you to view your models untethered with no need to connect your headset to your desktop machine.
The best way to transfer your files is by saving them to a Trimble Connect project. The AR/VR extension was built for the PCVR and Hololens Viewers, but with the Quest Viewer all you need is Trimble Connect, which in fact is available also for SketchUp for Web, and SketchUp for iPad. Note that even a SketchUp Free account gives you access to 10GB of storage on Trimble Connect. So you don’t really need the desktop version of SketchUp to send files to the Quest Viewer.
Finally, Passthtrough and Ambient Occlusion are actually now available in the production app as well. So all you need to do is to install the latest version ( here:
Happy to help if you have any further questions.


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