Sketchup not updating it says to close sketchup

But the only thing running from sketchup is the installer. when I bring up task manager it only shows the installer.

Some of the browser windows that SketchUp uses can get stranded. Type Ctrl-Shift-Esc to bring up the Task Manager, and make sure you’re in the more details view. Scroll down the long list of processes, look for any named sketchup_webhelper.exe. They will be in the Apps list, not the Windowed Apps list.

End Task any of those that you find, and that should let the installer proceed.

Yeah my windows box patched and that cleared it up. but oddly i just installed not upgraded. I had to move my extensions by hand. is that normal ?

Yes, currently SketchUp does not migrate extensions automatically.
But the new Extensions Load Error dialog is a small step toward automation.

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