Sketchup not sending verification email


I’m trying to set up a number of accounts for my students to log into anonymously (ie - caduser1@ caduser2@ and so on) due to the fact that Sketchup will not sign a data privacy agreement with the state of CT.

I have installed SketchUp for schools via google admin, set the settings for an OU that will allow and house only the anonymous accounts, but when I try and create the account, no verification email is ever sent. I have given the emails over 24 hours to arrive, but nothing has.

Using the investigation tool in google admin shows that no email was ever sent to the address.

Can you help me figure out how to set up these accounts?


Hi @Cullen, thanks for the post. I am not familiar with using anonymous accounts for SketchUp nor am I familiar with your email system so I can’t say for sure what is going on but if you have been waiting that long, then something has definitely gone wrong. I’ll start investigating and get back to you as soon as I can. Hopefully we can figure out a solution to get you up and running as soon as possible. If you can share one, a screenshot would be helpful so I can see exactly what you are seeing.

As for data privacy, We do our best to cover as many agreements as possible with our EULA and most of the time that is sufficient for our users but we can’t cover every possible circumstance in it. With that said, I have to ask if there is a particular part that is causing an issue for your state. If there is, can you let us know what we can do to address it in the future?

We get literally hundreds of requests to sign various forms so please understand we are always on the lookout for a solution that will allow more users to use SketchUp without adding to the already massive pile of forms we are trying to work through.

Hi Casey,

Thanks for getting back to me.

This is where I am stuck on receiving the verification email. Nothing ever arrived.


I don’t know if our domain needs to be added to any database? It is a pretty standard Google domain,

As for the student data privacy agreement that CT requires compliance with, I created a different thread on that topic a while ago that never really got anywhere:

And I received an email back, with a pretty hard “no” when reaching out directly:


At any rate, anything you can do to help me figure out how to get these accounts able to be setup I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time

Huh, that is unusual. I’ll go ahead and add you to our database just to make sure that is not the issue. Go ahead and try the “Resend Code” option now and see if that fixed it. If it did, then we are all set. If it did not, then I’ll check a few things and get back to you.