Confirmation emails when setting up account - need to whitelist the reply address

Hi Steve, hoping you can help. Finally managed to get our DT dept to utilise the SketchUp for Schools free version. Our issue is that we have two of our school years (Y7 and Y8 here in the UK) where we don’t allow external emails to their O365 email accounts. It’s a blanket ban.
We can however ‘whitelist’ certain email addresses that we deem safe.
Can you advise what the confirmation email address is from SketchUp when our students make an account online?

Hi Alan,

SketchUp for Schools doesn’t send a confirmation email upon activation so there’s no need to approve our domain. It sound like these students might be using SketchUp Free instead of SketchUp for Schools. Please have the student log into SketchUp for Schools using the following URL:

SketchUp Free, is free to use but is intended for the general public and includes prompts to upgrade. It also requires the creation of a free Trimble ID account which is probably prompting the confirmation email you’re referring to. As such it’s not ideal for academic use but can be used as an alternative if schools don’t have G Suite or Microsoft 365 to access SketchUp for Schools.

SketchUp For Schools is intended for K-12 use and does not prompt users for upgrades or other paid services. It also complies with all federal regulations defined in COPPA and does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII). Students can log in with their exiting O365 accounts however the app does require a one time approval from your Microsoft domain admin.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about accessing SketchUp for Schools.

Cheers Steve, I knew you’d have the answer. Thanks again mate.