Can't Access Sketchup for Schools...May need to be whitelisted?

Hi. Trying to set up Sketchup for Schools for the upcoming school year. All of our teachers and students have Microsoft accounts.
Our teacher email accounts end with
Our student email accounts end with and sometimes

Would each of those need to be whitelisted in order for us to access Sketchup for Schools?

I downloaded the app from the Microsoft store and when I try to log in with my teacher email address, I get a message saying “This app requires an internet connection and looks like we are having trouble connecting right now.”



Hi David,

Is this the first time that someone in your domain is accessing SketchUp for Schools? If so, please make sure that your local administrator has allowed the app for your network. I have also whitelisted the domain addresses that you provided just in case.
Let us know if you continue to see issues.