Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge


It has come to my attention that SketchUp/Trimble has not signed the “Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge” and therefore is unable to be deployed within the state of Connecticut. As my school’s technology admin, I cannot approve the SketchUp app from the Google Marketplace until an agreement is signed.

@colin & @CaseyG Can you please pass these links along to get them signed by your legal team? This would be a “one stop shop” for all of Connecticut to have access to SketchUp.

Completing the pledge on the following page(s) would allow all districts in CT to deploy SketchUp for Education, it would also allow all districts to find the signed pledge (and not bug you).

General CT(dot)gov page for overview of Student Data Privacy laws & Link for “Technology Providers” (technically the same page, but new posters limited to max 2 links):

Link to the Connecticut Educational Software Hub (LearnPlatform) where CT Student Data Privacy Pledge can actually be signed and referenced:

Please let me know if you have any questions for me, or if you need any other information.


actually signing the pledge appears to only be part of it as the rest requires the company terms and policies to “align” with the CT policies. so it may take a while for Trimble’s lawyers to sort something like this (unless Trimble perhaps already has the necessary things in place for CT (and likely a number of other states…)

Correct, they would have to ensure that their policies were in line with the CT Regulations, but for the sake of brevity I figured that would be the assumption of the legal team.

It isn’t me or Casey, but I asked who I think is the right person to drop by.

Thanks for your help!