School District Software Approval

Good afternoon! I would very much like to use SketchUp with the students in my school district, but my technology department requires a form to be completed before approving. Here is a link to the form.
Is it possible to have someone fill this out? Even if it was just approved for teachers and admins to use in front of the kids, that would be great! Thanks!

This is a user forum, as other SketchUp users we do not have any control over Trimble or the SketchUp team. Contact customer support for SketchUp for schools or perhaps @CaseyG can help steer you in the right direction?

I appreciate your comment and agree with you, however customer support directed me to post the request here. :slight_smile:

I’m going to ask the person who I think would be the right one to help you on this, to come and read your message.

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I haven’t heard anything back… Were you able to reach anyone?

I have been emailing and texting the right people to ask, and getting no replies. There is one other person I can ask, but I see he is out of the office today. I will ask him via chat in the hope he is checking messages, and he will at least see my question on Monday.

Hi @theodore.yopp I have pinged the rest of the team after reviewing your form to see if we can get someone to help you out. My attempts to track down the info you requested on my own have not met with much success so far but I am confidant that we can get this resolved soon with some additional assistance from the rest of the team.

@CaseyG Thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: