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I’m having an issue when a member of my domain uses Sketchup for the first time. They attempt to sign in using Google, but then it comes up saying that the app is not verified by Google. This causes alarm for my users.

We are seeing the same thing.

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We are not yet sure why you are receiving this message, but we are looking into it. We have only seen this message pop up in a few instances, i.e. most users can proceed directly to SketchUp for Schools upon login. As far as we currently know, we have taken the appropriate steps to be a verified and trusted app in Google’s Marketplace. We will continue to investigate.

If you want to continue to SketchUp for Schools despite the message, you can click “Advanced” and then proceed anyway.

We are also experiencing this issue. Has there been any update?

I am still having issues with this also. Anyone have a reason and/or fix for getting this message that the “app isn’t verified”?

Please and thank you.

Every one of my students got this message as well. My district added SketchUp for schools last week (on or about May 1, 2018)

I am over-riding the warning, but it does create some unease.

The message does not recur as long as the user (student) always uses his/her assigned computer, but when students try to use SketchUp for schools at home, it is causing consternation for parents.

Hi everyone, we’ve resolved this issue with Google: the verification notification should no longer appear for students logging in for the first time. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for all your patience!


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