SketchUp not loading file to current *version*

Does anyone know why sketchup won’t load the current saved version of a file?
Not sure how to explain it, but basically when working on the file and opening it I get an older version of my work yet if I copy the file to my phone the file loads with all current work?..

Are you using SketchUp 8 as indicated in your profile? Where are you saving the work?

Yes, and atm in a file on desktop.

The file on my phone is the exact same and loads perfectly with sketchup viewer and the web version.

Are you sure you are saving newer versions of the file to the same location?

Yes even checked by resaving 4 times still wouldn’t update

What changes are you making to the file? Can you upload the SKP?

I’m working on a camper idea, the slidouts I have remade 6 times and it isn’t *saving *
However there’s another oddity, if I reload the file and or try to work on the slideout section the program freezes every other time or so…

I will try uploading, gotta find better cell reception

Ok so the odd solution was simple to move the file out of the folder and bam it worked great

Out of what folder?

Maybe the disk is full or you don’t have write permission (and SketchUp somehow fails to show an error message). Whjat happens if you try to Save As to a completely new location, e.g. your desktop, and then open the file from there?

As they said above the problem location was …

I have the files in a folder on my desktop, moving them from the folder to desktop seemed to work.
But now the file has other issues, things not lining up etc.