Problem with opening a duplicate saved file

I have been having trouble with opening saved files on sketchup. I have been working on a 2019skp file and later saved it in the 2015 version as a duplicate. But when I open the duplicate file, it keeps telling me that the file is view only and that it is locked by the user. I can still open the original file without an issue. How can I resolve this?


There was a bug, possibly from around the 2015 time, where if you had the preview pane of explorer open when you opened the file you got that error.
Try opening 2015 first and use Open to open the file.

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Or, do you still have the file open in SU2019?

Hey thanks so much for that. It does work now! But don’t think it solves it fully though because it opens only sometimes. Do you what I could do to make it work on the first attempt that I open it? (I had to force close the sketchup file a couple of times and reopen the file to actually make it work) Any ideas to what I’m doing wrong?