SketchUp models in Google Earth aren't clickable?



I use Sketchup models in computer-generated KML files to be opened in Google Earth, because by using a model (rather than an icon) I can ask GE to rotate it to any desired orientation. For example, I use this to put wind barbs or tidal current arrows onto GE. This works fine. However, my models are not clickable in GE, despite them having a name and description. They are also not clickable if I simply PREVIEW IN GOOGLE EARTH from within Sketchup.

Is it correct that sketchup models in GE are not clickable? (It seems at odds with the earlier use of sketchup models for GE 3D buildings which, I understood, were clickable) If they are clickable, what do I need to do to make them so?


It used to be, back in the ancient past when Google owned sketchup, that 3D assets shown in Google Earth were generated by SketchUp and there was a sort of link. That hasn’t been the case for a long time, though. GE hasn’t used SketchUp for anything for a number of years.


Thanks. Yes. But I think it worked. GE still supports models (.DAE files) produced by Sketchup. But they don’t seem to recognise clicks on them. Or that’s the question I’m asking.


Then you ought to be asking the Google Earth folks.


Quite possibly. But since Sketchup has preview and exports to Google Earth I thought that someone on this forum might conceivably have used them and would be in a position to tell me whether clicking is supposed to work.


Unfortunately, as @DaveR pointed out, SketchUp has not had any direct tie to Google Earth for many years. SketchUp can export files that can be imported into Google Earth and any number of other software packages. The best way to get help with how files work once they are in Google Earth is through the Google Earth forum.


I am aware that Trimble acquired Sketchup from Google in 2012 (only 5 years ago). It doesn’t alter the fact that some people who use Sketchup may use it with Google Earth and might consequently know the answer to my question. Whilst I thank Dave and Aaron for replying, I was hoping for an answer from someone who knew.


Since you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for, we don’t know what we’re talking about? You’ve already tried it and found it doesn’t work. It doesn’t.

Maybe someone from the Google Earth team can give you some alternative.


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