The Model not showing up in Google Earth/ Help!

I had added 3D Building Model with the GPS informations that prepared at SketchUp about 1 month ago. The file size is 6mb.The model weren’t added Google Earth. Is there something that I’ve done for missing model upload?

Does anybody know what the process is for uploaded at Google Earth?

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I could be wrong but I don’t think Google is accepting SketchUp models for Google Earth anymore.

Thanks for the quick response.

Do you know where or which sources we have to create 3D Model?

Please explain more fully what you mean.

I mean 3D Model not showing up Google Earth.
Google isnt accepting SketchUp models for Google Earth?

Do you mean for Google Earth? You should probably talk to the Google Earth people instead of asking here. My understanding is they are using data collected from Google Earth cars and from aerial platforms to create the buildings you see in Google Earth. I don’t know that they’ll take any files other sources now.

Google sold SketchUp nearly 4 years ago because they didn’t need it anymore and they didn’t need people to create buildings. for it. You can still export a KMZ file from SketchUp and open it in Google Earth but it’ll only be displayed on your computer. It won’t be available publicly.

… unless your .kmz is public. If you share that, and people load it, they’ll see it.

I think we need to be clear on this: if you want to share with anyone who has Google Earth, you give them a .kmz file, just like you’d give them a .skp file. They double click on it and it loads in their Google Earth.

The part you’re talking about is this: where Google had 3D buildings that would be streamed to everyone, and that was eliminated in 2013.

This is a duplicate of How to upload a model into Google Earth? - #7 by Barry and follow-up post there if you wish.

BTW, “Preview Model In Google Earth…” command disaperrerd on 2016.
It was very usefull rather than export kmz in case of just checking purpose.

Is there any way to revive the command using 2015 recource or something like plugins ?-?

No. We are headed in another direction, and we can’t talk about futures, as I’ve mentioned many times on these forums.