Sketchup model won’t scale up

Hi , I wonder if anyone can help , I’m in university at the moment and I’m trying to scale up my site model to the correct sizing , I want to scale the full model up to the correct size by using the railings at the size of 1100mm as this is the right height. These are the only dimensions I was given at the time. When I use the measure tool it doesn’t scale the model just moves it around can anyone help , here is the model below. The site is Carmo Terraces in Lisbon but cannot find any plans ect , this model was made by another member of the class for the whole of the year but it’s not right.
Public Space design .skp (6.2 MB)

It won’t scale the imported group but if you open it for editing you can then use the Tape Measure tool to resize. Since it is difficult to measure vertically between the botom of the rail posts and the top of the rail. I drew in a vertical edge to that height and clicked on both ends of it with the Tape Measure tool before typing in the 1100 dimension.

I cleaned up a lot of the unneeded triangulation. Looks lie there’s still some distortion in some of the elements but it’s easier to look at and about half the file size it was.
Public Space design 1100 rail .skp (3.2 MB)

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