Model gone after scaling

im working on a project for school. Everytime i try to scale my my plan. It places the buildings on another place than my plan. Im new to sketchup, does anyone know why this happen?

By what method are you scaling? If you are using the Scale tool, make sure you use the same handle for scaling up and back down. Otherwise the object you are scaling will move within the model space. What is this “plan” and why are you having to scale it?

It’s helpful for questions like yours if you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

ive shared the file with you. I hope you can tell me what im doing wrong and how i can fix it because its my first time. I am trying to scale the 4 buildings in an L form up to a height of 20meters

How did you share it?

sketchup school stad.skp (3.3 MB)
can you see it now?

Yes. I see it now.

The problem appears to be that you’ve imported your CAD file at the incorrect scale in the first place. I’ve got a pretty good idea that your city plan should cover more than 29 meters. also compare your model with the size of the scale figure, Sumele.

The right thing to have done is to import the CAD file so it is correctly sized. Then draw your buildings at full size. At this point, since you haven’t got a lot of stuff modeled, the best thing would probably be to start fresh. Alternatively you can scale the entire model up but then you need to right click on the components and choose Scale Definition.

It would also be a good idea to fix the incorrect tag usage from the imported CAD file before you get too far in. I used a plugin called Default Tag Geometry from Sketchucation that fixes that automatically.
Screenshot - 5_28_2021 , 1_33_26 PM

And purge unused stuff regularly to help keep file size in control.
Screenshot - 5_28_2021 , 1_33_43 PM

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Aside from being at the wrong scale, you could turn off View/Edge Style/Profiles. That will make it look nicer, and perform a lot smoother.