Importing a 2d plan and correct resizing


I’m getting a lot of pdf plans from miscellaneous architects. I use inkscape to convert them to dxf-files and then import the files into sketchup (2015). Everything is fine, but when I adjust the correct messurements, the model is becoming tiny and is floating somewhere in the orbit, so that it’s nearly impossible to find it. Also, there’s a large box around the model (about 10 times larger than the model itself).
Is there a setting or trick to prevent this?

Thanks in advance!


How are you resizing? A quick way to correct measurements (if everything is proportional) is to use the tape measure to measure a line, type in the correct measurement and the rest will scale evenly.

To find your model, you can try zoom extent. If it’s not importing on 0 Z-axis, it could be importing other info that puts it at its own location.

And try turning on hidden geometry, sounds like there’s hidden geometry or layers, hence why the box is so much larger than your visible geometry.


Sounds like you’ve got a lot of extraneous lines and other garbage making a sort of Oort cloud surrounding the model.

Try this: enter the context of the main model and do a Ctrl-A (Select all). Then do a shift-select of just the model elements you want to preserve, leaving only all the garbage selected. Then hit Delete.



Upload your model in the reply box so we don’t have to guess.
Seventh icon across or Ctrl+g or drag and drop the file.