Scaling issues

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when trying to scale down a model. I had scaled it up quite a bit to work with it and then scaled it back down several times. I’m now at the point where I just need to convert it from metres to mm, so scale down by 1000. Easy right? Nope. I click on the scale tool, select the group, but it won’t let me change the scale again with the handles. If I enter a scale value with the keyboard the group dissappears, even if I just enter .5. It’s like it’s hit some kind of limit. I tried to insert the model into sketchup free (as I’m using Make 2017 right now) and I can scale it down but something goes funky which prevents me from zooming into the model - every time I get close it shoots me out into space and I have to try to zoom in again. I can’t get close enough to measure it or even see more than a tiny box on the screen. Any help is greatly appreciated.



It appears that you’ve deleted the geometry inside the backRoof component. When opening it for editing through the Outliiner, Entity Info shows nothing selected.


The thumbnail for the component is blank indicating there’s nothing there. Since the house component is still in the In Model collection, you should be able to reconstruct the roof pretty easily.

Why are you scaling the model down to millimeters?



hey Dave, thanks for the reply. Sorry I uploaded the wrong file. I’ve attached the right one in the original post now.



That’s a whole lot different. By the way, you zipped up the backup file. You should post the SKP file instead. Makes it easier for others to open.

It looks like you’ve managed to get something screwed up in the file. When I open the group for editing, the geometry disappears entirely. Right clicking on it and selecting Reset Scale seems to fix it, though.How wide do you want the roof to be?

If I were going to resize it to some specific size, I would use the Tape Measure tool to measure the known distance making sure to click at each endpoint. Then I would type in the distance it should be and hit Enter. Reset the scale as I already mentioned.

Again, why are you scaling it down, anyway?

By the way, open the group or component for editing first and scale the geometry inside with the Tape Measure or Scale tools, that will eliminate the need to reset the scale and it’ll reduce the chance of you’ll screw something up.

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Sorry about that, got a little too frustrated and wasn’t paying attention to which file I included. So yeah, I reset the scale, edited group, then resized with the tape measure and now everything is working fine. It seems to have messed up when I try to change the scale of the group. Thanks again, your hints helped me correct the issue that was giving me a massive headache :slight_smile:



Is your plan to 3D print the model?