Sketchup model rotating on its own with no input

Ok. Well, I’m knocking on wood this hasn’t happened to me yet. Let us know if you find a fix.

Definately. I just emailed them and asked for a new one…LOL. We’ll see.

Sound similar to my hardware issues.

I’ve taken a liking to some “high-end” mice that allow programming of buttons to do other things, but often the mouse wheel sensor on these things get twitchy. My hunch (similar to other posts) is that the hardware sensor is going bad. From use of a lot of these things, tiny bits of dust and finger grease find their way onto sensors and they don’t work so good anymore. Sometimes a classic “just blow on it” cleaning does the trick for a few hours, best with a can of air to get bits of dust clean.

I am perhaps afflicted with a biology that includes shedding bits of dust slowly into keyboards and peripherals. With occasional dustings, I feel like I’m reliving Ethan Hawke’s character portrayal of Vincent Freeman in Gattaca, removing evidence of my presence at workstations…

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Well, yesterday’s response for 3Dconnexion’s tech support was to totally uninstall SketchUp 2024 and the 3Dconnextion driver and then to reinstall everything and try it again.

If SketchUp’s UI wasn’t such a pain to put back to how I had it, I might try that. However right now I feel the guy is just messing with me at this point.

Ugh. Maybe after this project I’ll spend some time doing that. They won’t send me a new one until after I do this I guess.

I think that’s just the standard procedure for every problem. I haven’t looked, but is there an actual “uninstaller?” Did they say to actually remove it first (as apposed to just reinstalling over the old version)?

There is on Mac, I don’t know about Windows. On Mac it is

/Applications/3Dconnexion/Uninstall 3Dconnexion

I had to run this before the 10.8.0 driver installed cleanly on my MBP.

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