SketchUp model is printing really small

I am in need of some help with the printing of my model. My models are very simple they arent as detailed as what most are probably doing, however i have this issue that for the life of me i cannot work out.

I just seem to be having an issue with this one model. It prints really small!!! I have uploaded some screen shots, not sure if this is any help at all?

Sarah RobinsonHDC021 - Sketch up screenshots.pdf (396.9 KB)

Hi Sarah,

SketchUp essentially prints the onscreen view.

It appears you want your printout in portrait format.
However, your widescreen monitor and thus the SketchUp viewport is landscape format.

First resize the SketchUp window such that it approximates portrait proportions.
Orient the model view the way you like.
Then Zoom Extents so the model fills the screen. (and also fills the paper)

You might find Christina’s plugin handy for creating multiple uniform images.
Eneroth Viewport Resizer — Extension Warehouse

Thank you for your help Geo! Your suggestion didn’t fix the issue, however i went back and turned the image every single angle even where there shouldn’t have been anything and found a pesky tape measure line. I have now deleted that line and it works!! for the time i spent trying to find this pesky line i could’ve drawn it again!

Guides and Guide Points accumulate like sawdust.
Fortunately they’re easier to sweep away … Edit > Delete Guides