Changing size of model to print larger

Here is my problem. The main one is I want to print a small detail of a model and when I do it is super small it needs to be larger so I searched and searched for a way to enlarge the pic and what I basically learned was I need to go to print preview and change the size. This did not work or I was doing something wrong the pic was still super small or it did not center. I looked elsewhere and learned that I needed to change my skp. file to a jpeg. file I did this and when I went to print this, it printed the grey background that took forever and used a ton of ink. I then learned I had to take this jpeg. file and go to Microsoft paint and fix it there. This also did not work I then searched for a way to change the background color and I was informed that I needed to change this in (FOG), I tried to do this and I can not find the adjustment in FOG. I have Sketchup 16 make. Please help if possible.

Hi John,

If all you want is a paper print of a certain closeup perspective view of the model, then simply orbit, pan and zoom to the desired view in the model and export a 2D image.
Look under the export dialog-Options button and you’ll notice you can even export a PNG with transparent background.
Then open the exported image in any image editor (like MS Paint) and print it.

Importing and Exporting Image Files — SketchUp Help

If you’re trying to print to scale, then have a look at this article…
Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Tutorial

Thank you Geo for your help it worked

Good to hear you have it sorted @jfsjr61