Sketchup model is presented in wireframe even though another face style is selected

Havaalanı Tek izohipslerle.skp (14.0 MB) HAVAALANI TEK.skp (592.3 KB)

Hello all,

I have 2 sketchup files. First one has the autocad drawing and the other one is the site model created from elevation points. I put those in the same file in order to project the plan on the site model, however, the site model looks very weird. Doesn’t show solid forms, I can only see the edges like it is in wireframe mode but it is not.

I uploaded a screenshot of the problem and I am attaching the sketchup file with the site model (havaalanı tek). Can someone help me to make this site model look solid?

PS: I am also uploading the sketchup file that has the contour lines (Havaalanı Tek izohipslerle), cause I tried the sandbox tool to create a surface there to have a new site model but my sketchup stops answering when I do that. So even doing that would be a great help…

Thank you for interest and time.

Have a nice day!

For the HAVAALANI TEK.skp file, you have the faces in the ‘Default’ layer, and the edges in the ‘Untagged’ layer (where all the raw geometries should be); and the ‘Default’ layer is OFF/HIDE. Also, the color of the faces is white, as is the background.

That’s because you have around 250,000 segments that the software have to put together. Requires processing time.
You could optimize each contour to reduce the number of segments.

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Thank you so much for the quick answer and the solution! That really helped.
By optimizing the contour lines, do you mean reducing the number/frequency of them?

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Yes, reduce the number of segments (edges)

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the gifs, they are really easy to follow!

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