HELP! I've lost all my faces

HELP! I was making a copy of my house model (to work out some prior drawing missteps) and working on refining the staircase when Sketchup Pro froze (not uncommon) and, when I reopened the model, I appear to have lost all of the faces and most of the functionality to work on it! I’ve uploaded the .SKP file.
Thanks for any assistance in diagnosing and remedying this!

UGH! Now it won’t let me upload the file! AUGHHHHHHH!

If the reason is the file is too large (more than about 10MB), upload it to a sharing site such as DropBox and provide a link here.

Has the view mode been inadvertently set to wireframe?

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Thanks both for your prompt reply and offers for assistance! I think the model DID revert to “wireframe” (although I don’t know exactly what that is), but I was able to restore all the functionality by simply selecting and copying one of the objects within the model. (???) I think it’s working now.

Wireframe shows all the edges and none of the faces, just like a frame literally made of wires. It doesn’t delete the faces, just renders them invisible.

Wireframe mode affects everything in the model. I don’t understand how copying just one could fix it. If it happens again please share the problem model so we can investigate.

Then, YES, the model mysteriously converted to wireframe. But then the entire model RE-converted back to normal after I copied one of the objects.
I’ll reach out again if this happens again.

I seem to recall there is a keyboard key binding (shortcut) by default that activates wireframe mode (I’m not at a computer with SketchUp installed at the moment, to check). If so, perhaps you had accidentally pressed that keyboard shortcut?

That sounds more like a graphics card issue.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says you are using version 1.3 web/free version. Are you actually using a web version?

No, I’m using a trial version of the PRO app.

How about correcting your profile since that information helps us help you.

Will do.

You may be thinking of the K key, which toggles display of back edges. People who don’t know that shortcut often hit it accidentally and think something awful happened to their model.