SketchUp Maker loses hidden components

My model often “loses” hidden components. They simply vanish when I select the Unhide, All option.

Can you share a SketchUp model file that shows this?

If you can share a model with the problem, one of us will most likely be able to figure out the issue. Either drag it into the reply window or use the upload button in the reply window (8th from left).

Edit: I see you just joined the forum. You may have to make a few posts before it will let you upload a model.

Well, sure enough, the forum won’t allow me to upload a *.skb model file.

What next?


That’s a SketchUp backup file. The active file will be a .skp. Unless it is too large (>10MB) you can definitely upload a .skp. Make another post and see if you have reached the approval level to upload a model.