Can not unhide

Hi. Please help. I have hide half of my project and saved file. Now after opening my projcts program do not unhide it. It looks as it is deleted! I just hide it…

There are a few different possibilities. Share the .skp file so we can see what you actually have and help you get it sorted out.

To check whether things are actually gone vs hidden, turn on view hidden geometry and view hidden objects. If they reappear as hashed and faded, they are hidden. If nothing appears they are gone.

tried already. It looks as deleted… have no idea where to find it.

it is 200 MB. can not send

update. All materials and componets are still in file… just no rooms designed…

One further thing to try if you haven’t already: do camera->zoom extents. If that doesn’t do it, without seeing the file there is nothing I can do.

Put it onto a file sharing site such as wetransfer, dropbox, etc., make it public, and share a link to it here.

Sorry, without seeing the file I have no idea what that means.

please look at it WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Your file is a mess. First, your profile says you are using SketchUp 2023 but this is a SketchUp 2018 file. Why?
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_18_04 AM

Statistics shows 369 component definitions and so does the In Model Components panel. But there are only 130 component instances. There’s also an absud number of tags and materials.
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_29_14 AM

I expect that the parts of the model you were trying to hide were erased instead. If you hid them via the context menu, I would guess you missed Hide and got Erase by mistake. At least you should be able to rebuild some of the model by dragging instances of the components back in from the In Model Components panel.

I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_32_26 AM

Then I purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 6_1_2024 , 9_34_38 AM
This removed all components that are not represented within the model space and the materials they used. You wouldn’t want to purge unused until you bring back the components you need of course.

After you’ve gotten them reinserted into the model, purge unused to get rid of what you don’t need.

i make design in 2023 but than i save it as 2018 and make renders with vray 3. You removed components but still i can not see other rooms i designed in the same file… purge is quite easy to do but that was not my issue…

i do not erase them… i make hide not erase. I am sure. Anywam thanx for trying to help. Maybe there is somewhere previous backup for this. I am now hopeless . lucky me it was ended designs

I beg to differ. There is nothing else in the model space. Nothing to unhide.

You can look at the .skb file. Maybe it has more objects in the model space.

As I told you, there are no other rooms in the model you shared. I also told you that purging unused components from your model wouldn’t be a good idea until you drag out the ones you need to rebuild the rooms that were deleted. The point of showing how many components were purged was to show that there’s a large number of In Model components that are not used in the model space. If they were only hidden, they wouldn’t be purged.

A similar thing happened to me once, but it was my fault - I use Shift+X as my hide shortcut, which if I’m going too fast, I accidentally do Ctrl+X (cut command) instead…

Did you change it or are you still living on the edge? :wink:

Still living on the edge - as they say, you can run, but you can’t unhide…


That’s good. I’ll have to remember it.