Components are shown, but model is gone

I was trying to clip flooring to the walls and then the entire model disappeared. I did not hide any object yet unhide all is available, unfortunately, unhide is not working. Zoom extents doesn’t work either and all of my layers are on. What else can I do?

Upload your model here by dragging the file into the window. Let’s take a look.


Thank you so much!

Relax, stuff is there. Should look like this?

I’m still working it out.

You have one thing called “scenic florals” that is miles away from the origin. Your geometry is present so tiny you cant see it because zoom extents is pulled way way out. cleaning up now.

Yes, thank you! Had to start it over twice already

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SHOW ROOM UPDATED fix.skp (6.6 MB)

Scenic Floral element was over 1 million feet tall. So to fit it in your camera had to zoom way out and everything was tiny. I selected a small area at the center of the axis and then looked in the Outliner to see that everything was selected except this one element. I deleted it and resaved.

Incidentally you are using layers (tags now) incorrectly. ONLY groups and components should be assigned layers. Leave all raw geometry on layer 0 (untagged in newer versions), and leave the pencil always set to layer 0. To assign raw geometry to layers invites disaster by allowing geometry to merge invisibly.

Good luck!

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Here is an extra fixed version. I saved the “florals” sign without deleting it, and put all raw geometry back onto untagged or layer 0.

SHOW ROOM UPDATED extra fixed.skp (6.2 MB)

I appreciate it, thank you!

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