Sketchup make to open file only

May i use Sketchup Make to open file only for commercial project ?
Noted : im not create model, not render, not modify anything, i just need to open the file just to see the model inside , because the file not created by me, but sent by my client.
thanks for helping me.

Use the free SketchUp Viewer, that’s what it’s for…



thanks for helping John, but I still need to know dimension of the model, dimension is not exist in viewer, so at least i need sketchup make.

have you used up the v18 trial?

I believe your usage on this project would temp you to buy…

you need to find SU v8, to comply with licensing or get a SU Shop or Pro…

or pay a local with a Pro licence…


im using SU v8 too, but i get higher sketchup version from client, so i can’t open it.

The client’s version of SketchUp is capable of saving to old versions of the .SKP file format. Use Save As, and check the “Save As Type” menu of choices [that’s the UI on the Mac, at least]. The client could create a version for you in SketchUp 8 format.

measurements are possible in the viewer. Dimensions can also be viewed if they are placed in the model prior to saving the file to be transferred to and opened in the viewer. Usage of scenes with dims and layers is helpful.

not in the Desktop Viewer which is free…


true the viewer is most suitable for the mobile
environment…and also free now I believe.