Sketchup Make and 3D Warehouse

I am a retired Electronics Engineer (EE), and I am trying to learn Sketchup. As you probably know, engineers are wont to read instructions or follow directions. It’s just in our DNA. I would like to use Sketchup for woodworking design. I created several components and tried to assign them a wood finish. The wood materials in Make (2017) leave much to be desired, so I tried loading new wood materials from 3D Warehouse. I was asked to log in but forgot my Trimble password. When I tried to reset it, nothing happened! Is this usual for 2017 users now?

I did manage to download some material files with google but they are in SKP format. How can I get these in my material folders? I suspect they need to be in SKM format, but not being a Sketchup or Ruby programmer, I can find no way to convert them.

I chose the free version of Sketchup Make (2017) to learn Sketchup before investing money in the Pro version. If Make is no longer in vogue then, I will need to try another CAD package.

Open the SKP model and then folow this:


try this link to reset your trimble password.
As for the other matter, keep in mind that you can also add any image file (like .jpg for example) and use it as a texture
you can find many textures on websites like or

Thank you, Paul. These are both great resources.

Wow! This works great! Thank you Mihal.