Installing Benjamin Moore color palete (skp file)



Hi there. Newbie here.
Benjamin-Moore (the paint people) have a skp document which contains one of their paint color libraries. The instruction for installing tell you to (1) open the .skp file, (2) the colors are automatically loaded “In Model” section of Colors Window (I am on a Mac) and (3) Press the materials menu button and "Save Library as…) I don’t see any materials menu button in step 3.
Can anyone suggest what I maybe doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.


The instructions you’re trying to follow were written for the PC. Hang on and I’ll get you instructions for Mac unless someone beats me to it.


I would advise loading them via a component from the 3D Warehouse:

And, as you can see there are more than one of these paint components.


Select the Colors in Model library from the drop down list.

Below the colors click on List and choose Duplicate.

Give the new library a name and click OK.

After that, you should find it in the drop down list.


Has anybody actually used the BM color pallets per the instructions on their website? I have tried, and every material that I have tried from each collection gives me the same problem. See image:

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there some setting I am missing? All other non-BM materials are working fine.



With that material selected, click the Edit tab in the Materials window. What are the dimensions as shown for it? How big is the square face?


.254m is the dimension.

the face is roughly 2.5m square.

I guess I need to re-set my units after changing to 2017 yesterday.


Hmmm… It looks like the you’re seeing the pixelation of the JPG image for the color. Something needs to be reset.

Did you apply the material to the face and then scale it up?

Could you upload the SKP file?


Nope. Just opened the BM file, drew a rectangle and applied the material.


Could you upload the SKP file?


I just tried some of the standard named colors in the same file and they are working fine. Weird.


I’ll upload the file. Standby…


Here is the file:

BenjaminMoore_Classics_en-us.skp (1.3 MB)




Curiously the image is on 2 x 2 pixels. What you’re seeing is indeed pixelation.

I don’t know what they have in mind with their setup.


Weird. Thanks for your help, Dave.

Shouldn’t the swatch also show strangely, or does the swatch only sample one of the four pixels so it appears normally?


You’ve got a 2 x2 pixel image enlarged to 10" square. You’re seeing the combination of colors required to generate the BM013 color. That’s why it shows the various colors like it does. Something isn’t right about the way they created the color set for SketchUp. Or maybe there’s something wrong with their instructions. If I get time this evening I’ll see if I can look at them.


Something also could have gone screwy when I downloaded the file too I suppose. I may delete and try again.

Again, thanks for your help.


I tried editing the image and scaled it up to 64 x 64 pixels. After that it looked OK.
I also tried saving the file down to version 2016 and opening with that. It looked OK there:

So possibly we are looking at a bug in v. 2017 or then the developers have intentionally introduced a lower limit to supported texture image size.

BTW, I think that producing a colour palette of flat colours using texture images is a bit weird. Perhaps some kind of batch processing was used. In SU version 8.0 it was possible to create colour charts with a text editor.



Maybe. The thing is, they don’t need to be using images as they appear to have done.