Sketchup Make 2017 Lag [SOLVED]

I’m getting heavy lag in SU Make 2017 with a moderately sized model (8 MB). Windows 10, w/ a 980 Ti. SU Make v. 17.2.

Tried model purging. Tried toggling OpenGL AA, fast feedback and max. texture size. No difference. Drivers are fine, 'n can play intensive OpenGL games just fine.

Out of curiosity I downloaded SU Make 2016, saved the model for that version and loaded it in: no lag! I then disabled hardware acceleration, to find that the lag is similar to that in 2017, though I think this is a coincidence as Task Manager shows increased GPU usage (a Windows update that’s actually useful!) when I orbit (in 2017).

I noticed other threads found removing certain Windows updates solved their issues, however I don’t have any of those updates installed. I wasn’t satisfied with the solutions to other threads for this issue so I decided to make a new one.

Thank you!

Yes! Two months later, and I eventually found a solution by unticking View > Edge Style > Profiles. Single-digit FPS to Vsync, yay! So simple! Too bad I’ve pretty much finished designing my 3D printer.

I’m very surprised that I didn’t find mention of this anywhere. Perhaps it should be mentioned in this article?

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