Sketchup Make 2017 - Geo-Location not loading at all

I am unable to load the geo-location feature on Sketchup Make 2017 when I previously was able to use this feature without problems.

The pop up screen after clicking ‘add location’ does not load properly and I am unable to load any maps or imagery. I can enter an address into the search bar but this does not result in any changes to the screen. (see image attached).

I have tried:

  • Restarting the program.
  • Using it on another computer - same issue occurs.
  • Clearing the internet explorer, chrome cache.
  • Adding the location manually but this doesn’t produce any imagery to use.
  • I am unable to uninstall and reinstall the program as Trimble no longer allow downloads of the 2017 Make version.

I am using Windows 10 and have checked it is up-to-date.

Would greatly appreciate any help and advice!

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I have the same problem. Found any solution?

Upgrade SketchUp.

Sketchup Make 2017 is the latest free desktop-version so thats what im using now.

Since you are a hobbyist, that’s great. Keep in mind that the features that rely on web access like Geo-Location and the 3D Warehouse no longer support that old version.

That is outrageous. SketchUp Make (2017) served me well for years. I often use it on the go, so the browser-version wasn’t an option for me. Also cause it had fewer features anyway… (btw is it still not supporting plugins?)
Geolocation was a key feature for me… why would they drop the support now and not five years ago… Disabling a perfectly fine software without a worthy substitute.
For me, it seems SketchUp is a pay-only service from now on.

They did drop support for importing terrain and imagery for SketchUp Make years ago. It was explained then. Dropping the rest of the service has to do with security issues because Windows no longer supports Internet Explorer.

I think most hobbyists, such as yourself, didn’t use that feature much anyway.

As a hobbyist i did use the geo features a lot with my SU17, but when google sold SU and many features became paid features, i stopped my google earth and 2&3Dwarehouse activities.
Nowdays am kinda lucky with the payed version at work, but you wont find those models being shared online.

When Google changed their terms of use and removed the access to Google Earth it became necessary to find an alternative source for geo-location terrain and data. The only solution available is not free so it is only available to those who are paying for their licenses.

It’s nice you have an employer who provides you with access to the Pro version.

Yup, SU came a long way from the first day, do miss the SA ‘free’ or ‘make’ versions tho.

(again) Yup, showed them the SU way, and don’t think we’ll ever go back.
Still trying to improve and implement all new features i’ve learned since going PRO :nerd_face:

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This problem affects me as well, using SU 2017 PRO

I’m not a fan of subscription licenses, so am not super interested in the ‘upgrade’. SU 2017 is plenty sufficient for my needs, but disabling the geolocation functionality for fully paid licenses is pretty uncool.

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