SketchUp Make 2016 update advice (need 3DW access)

Hello, My daughter has been using a sketchup make 2016 version. The 3d ware house stopped working on it and said we needed an update. We can not figure out how to access 3d ware house on the free personal version that is on the web for downloads. Is there a free version that I can download to her computer that works the same as the make 2016 version or are all new similar versions subscription based?

Thank you

You could try Make 2017 from the below link.

Right click the installer after downloading and select “run as administrator”

I believe that still works with 3d warehouse at this time but would expect support for the warehouse to be discontinued in near future as/ when version 2020 is released. Only the last 3 versions tend to be supported.

The thing I would be cautious of is that Make 2017 is the first version to have hardware acceleration removed, requiring more effort from the graphics processor. If you only have a built in graphics card and not a dedicated one, this could be an issue for you.

If you do experience problems with blank screens, or weird display issues:
In SketchUp goto: WINDOW>PREFERENCES>OPENGL then uncheck the box for “fast feedback”. That can rid some issues for users sometimes.


Is she a student?

If primary or secondary, she may be able to get a free Pro license …

If post secondary (college) she can subscribe to Pro for 55US/yr.

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If there is a reason to need to stay with SketchUp 2016 (needing a 32 bit application would be one reason), you can still get 3D Warehouse content in two ways:

  1. Use a more modern web browser, Chrome or Firefox for example. Then you can open 3D Warehouse and in the download menu choose Collada as the file format. Those will import into any version of SketchUp.

  2. From within SketchUp, use the Components panel to search for what you want. To load the object into your scene, click on the thumbnail. That will immediately download the object into your model. Don’t click on the text links, that will just open the 3D Warehouse window, and you won’t be able to navigate the pages.


Yes she is in middle school. Thanks and I will try that.

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